I received a response to a post in which I vented on the DASFA on my old blog. I’ll post the link to that article and the comments  here.

I was thrilled to receive this and an email from the director himself!

If so do you want to join the staff? (That means you will be able to post items to such as news or announcements.) Also do you have
suggestions about how things might be changed on the DASFA website?

It’s nice to feel that people pay attention to you. Thanks.


I was at one of my local grocery stores yesterday shopping when a conversation with a friend appeared in my head from a few weeks ago, dealing with SF/F magazines. So I decided to waste time at the magazine stand. While searching for a magazine that dealt with novels or literature, my eyes focused on none of these but did take into view eleven different magazines all about guns and rifles. ELEVEN! The only magazine on books I could find was Wizard which deals with comics and graphic novels. That’s it. ELEVEN! And thats not including the ones on paintball guns and bows!


Bob Lock left this comment on my old post about a month ago, and I figured I would rely the message over to my new one here.   

“I’ve managed to find an agent/publisher who has taken on ‘Flames of Herakleitos’ for me and hopefully it will be in print in March of this year. A book launch has been arranged in The Dylan Thomas Centre on 23rd March. The publisher is a small press company so initially books will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc, but if things take off perhaps we’ll be able to place it with other booksellers. There’s more blurb about it on my blog. ” – Bob Lock        

I read the first chapter from ‘Flames of Herakleitos’ about three months ago, and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. I would recommend to all that you should at least check this one out.

 Bob Lock’s Blog
Official Book Site

‘original comment: here’


Last week’s purchased books.

1. Raising a Reader – Jennie Nash (Remainder)

2. The Planets – Dava Sobel

3. Night Watch – Terry Pratchett (SFBC Edition)

4. Scar Night – Alan Compbell (SFBC Edition) 


After a visit at Tattered Cover, I picked up some good bargin books. I should have went there first, before placing an online order, I could have picked up two more for half the price I paid. Oh well. Here is what I did get.

1. Peace – Gene Wolfe (Fantasy Masterworks #28) (TPB)

2. Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days – Alastair Reynolds (HC)

3.Conquistador – S.M. Stirling (HC)

Not bad for 18 bucks. Although the Stirling and Wolfe editions are not perfect, they work well enough.


There has only been three times in which I have put down a book I was reading because it unleashed on me such sadness and frustration that I couldn’t continue. The first time was when one of the hounds die in ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’, the second when ‘Sturm’s sun shattered…’ in Dragonlance Chronicles. And this time when evil schemes and broken truths are fitted for Robb and his Mother Cataleyn in ‘A Storm of Swords’.

I could not continue that morning reading anything more. I had to go upstairs and vent my rage on a two-liter of Mountain Dew. Later on I continued reading, I believe I am owed some relef from this sorrow I have suffered. But I have no doubts it will be very long from now, or quite possibly never in seeing vengeance for the Starks. But yet again, Martin has pulled me along with unveering and unmatchable power in his words. Amazing.

Pages – 555-587. Most intense reading so far. You know something is going to happen. But when it does, I was not prepared for it.


Not having a credit card puts a damper on cheap online shopping, so sometimes I’m stuck going to Barnes & Nobles.

‘Things Fall Apart’ – Chinua Achebe

‘The Inferno’ – Danta Alighieri (B & N Classics – Translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow {I’ll read anything from a man with a Hobbit’s name})

Two more Fictions to the pile, now I just have to read them.


Since I’m sick and not working today, I thought I would at least post about the books I recieved as presents from ol’ Saint Nick.

1. Leaving Earth – Robert Zimmerman

 That’s been on my Amazon wish list for about seven months now! Glad too have it!

2.The Years of Rice and Salt. – Kim Stanley Robinson

Great author, at least from what I hear.

3. NightWatch (A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe) – Terence Dickinson

I need to know what’s in my backyard, and this seems just the book to show me.

 So, let me know if anybody has read any of these. I’m exicited to preceed in this adventure!


It’s hard as hell to read while sick. But, you should try drunk as well, that way you can read the same book thrice and not know it.


  I sure hope so. Time, as we all know is just an illusion, but it’s hard to fathom life without it. So a New Year is easy to comprehend. And the 365 days left to do what we want in that short period.

I’m not going to babble on about all the issues and problems I want solved in this New Year.  I’m not going to mumble and grumble about situations that have gone awry in the last year. I’m going to stumble and bumble on about books, and what I want to do with them this year.

 No…I’m not going to rip out pages and roll around naked in them. That was last year.  This year my goal is simple. To read at least 15 fiction novels. I tend to gravitate towards only reading SF and Fantasy. I need to stop this and focus more on all fiction. I can name two off the bat that will be read. ‘Moby Dick’ – Melville and ‘Things Fall Apart’ – Chinua Achebe. But that’s only 2. What will be the other 13?

If I accomplish this goal will my New Year dawn brighter? Or is that just an illusion as well?


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