No work!

Since I’m sick and not working today, I thought I would at least post about the books I recieved as presents from ol’ Saint Nick.

1. Leaving Earth – Robert Zimmerman

 That’s been on my Amazon wish list for about seven months now! Glad too have it!

2.The Years of Rice and Salt. – Kim Stanley Robinson

Great author, at least from what I hear.

3. NightWatch (A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe) – Terence Dickinson

I need to know what’s in my backyard, and this seems just the book to show me.

 So, let me know if anybody has read any of these. I’m exicited to preceed in this adventure!


3 Responses to “No work!”

  1. Feel better!

  2. Yeah, I hope you get better quick! Hey, let us know what you think of these books, haven’t read any of the authors…

  3. Thanks Lauren and Seb. I’m at about 92% right now, couldn’t ask for anything more!

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