Damn you Lannisters!

There has only been three times in which I have put down a book I was reading because it unleashed on me such sadness and frustration that I couldn’t continue. The first time was when one of the hounds die in ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’, the second when ‘Sturm’s sun shattered…’ in Dragonlance Chronicles. And this time when evil schemes and broken truths are fitted for Robb and his Mother Cataleyn in ‘A Storm of Swords’.

I could not continue that morning reading anything more. I had to go upstairs and vent my rage on a two-liter of Mountain Dew. Later on I continued reading, I believe I am owed some relef from this sorrow I have suffered. But I have no doubts it will be very long from now, or quite possibly never in seeing vengeance for the Starks. But yet again, Martin has pulled me along with unveering and unmatchable power in his words. Amazing.

Pages – 555-587. Most intense reading so far. You know something is going to happen. But when it does, I was not prepared for it.


2 Responses to “Damn you Lannisters!”

  1. Where the Red Fern Grows made me cry for the rest of the day after the dogs died. I can’t even remember how it ended because I was too upset. I feel your pain.

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