Magazines and society.

I was at one of my local grocery stores yesterday shopping when a conversation with a friend appeared in my head from a few weeks ago, dealing with SF/F magazines. So I decided to waste time at the magazine stand. While searching for a magazine that dealt with novels or literature, my eyes focused on none of these but did take into view eleven different magazines all about guns and rifles. ELEVEN! The only magazine on books I could find was Wizard which deals with comics and graphic novels. That’s it. ELEVEN! And thats not including the ones on paintball guns and bows!


6 Responses to “Magazines and society.”

  1. Gotta love America! Guns, bibles n’ money…Yeehaw!

  2. Guns. What’s wrong with guns. I read about guns when I wake up, at my lunchtime break, and right before bed. I have sweet dreams of revenge, all because of the gun literature!

    Anyways, it is insane, someone invited me (when I’m better) to go out to this place to go shoot guns at moving and popup targets, sort of like police use to train… I hate to admit, I’m such a peacenik, but a part of me is very tempted…

  3. Guns are simply a machine that are very dependant on quality and craftsmanship. Did you know that the original stocks for M-16s were made by Mattel Toy company? The only reason the American government forced troops to use them in Vietnam was because the much higher quality AK-47 was a German design. Very interesting… actually much more interesting than Football or Playboy.

    I catch a lot of lip from rednecks because I’m a very good shot with my .38. I’m also a very little and very curvy girl and loud mouth jerks like to make jokes while I’m at the range. However, I’m not going to be one of those girls that ends up dead because of a misfire or because I was not comfortable enough with my machine and someone used it against me so me and my very well researched little friend go make holes in paper targets. Education is the key to success in all genres and interests. 😉

  4. I don’t care that people like guns. I do care that apparantly nobody likes what I like….

  5. Weirdo. 😛

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