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January 29, 2007

Last week’s purchased books. 1. Raising a Reader – Jennie Nash (Remainder) 2. The Planets – Dava Sobel 3. Night Watch – Terry Pratchett (SFBC Edition) 4. Scar Night – Alan Compbell (SFBC Edition)  Advertisements


January 21, 2007

After a visit at Tattered Cover, I picked up some good bargin books. I should have went there first, before placing an online order, I could have picked up two more for half the price I paid. Oh well. Here is what I did get. 1. Peace – Gene Wolfe (Fantasy Masterworks #28) (TPB) 2. Diamond […]


January 16, 2007

Not having a credit card puts a damper on cheap online shopping, so sometimes I’m stuck going to Barnes & Nobles. ‘Things Fall Apart’ – Chinua Achebe ‘The Inferno’ – Danta Alighieri (B & N Classics – Translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow {I’ll read anything from a man with a Hobbit’s name}) Two more Fictions […]

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